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Market Research

Wakefield is a full-service quantitative, qualitative and hybrid market research firm. We have developed our own methodologies, informing product design, communications and customer targeting for brands the world over. Our approach allows us to deliver superior results and better insights compared to other business and consumer research companies. When you choose Wakefield, you will discover the impact that research can make for your company.
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PR Polling Services

Our research services for PR have garnered billions of media impressions for clients. Media respond to the unique data and the compelling insights that Wakefield delivers. Our unique ability to mix credibility and creativity makes Wakefield the preferred partner to the world’s leading brands and agencies. These companies choose Wakefield for its track-record of success and the positive media attention our studies generate.
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Who We Work With

Wakefield serves as a market research firm to the world’s most recognizable brands and agencies, including 40 of the Fortune 100. These brands choose Wakefield time and again because of our ability to lead successful market research studies across a range of industries and verticals. Wakefield conducts research in 66 countries and our research experience spans every industry vertical. Our research expertise across diverse industries allows us to deliver customized solutions and recommendations for your product or service.
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In the News

From the Associated Press to the TODAY Show, our surveys are featured daily — in the world’s leading top-tier media. Media personnel recognize the Wakefield name as one of the best market research companies. Wakefield surveys are sought out by journalists across the US for thought-provoking stories and compelling insights.
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Why Wakefield

When you choose Wakefield you get experience, knowledge and a track record of success with leading global brands. Our diverse client list includes Unilever, BMW, SAP, MasterCard, IKEA and many more. These leading brands trust Wakefield over other market research companies because we deliver strategies and insights that impact their bottom line. View a list here of the brands we’ve partnered with.

Wakefield offers quantitative and qualitative research, PR polling and surveys, multi-variable testing and product packaging design studies. Our approaches have evolved through our years of experience and we tailor them to fit your company’s specific needs. At Wakefield Research, we are the market research firm that focuses on your challenges and the best path to achieving your insight goals.