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Fights over Trump Drive Couples, Especially Millennials, to Split Up

May 8, 2017  

Couples are fighting over President Trump more than ever, and many are turning to divorce court to get out of their politically ravaged marriages. New data from Wakefield Research found that one in 10 couples, married and not, have ended their relationships in a battle over p …

Before Saying ‘I do,’ More Millennials Say ‘Prenup’

November 25, 2016  

They’re not yet as popular as a selfie but prenups are trending among the millennial generation. “It’s just a practical document in today’s age with a rising rate of divorce,” said Rachel Ryan, 26, who is planning a wedding for July. Just more th …

Millennials are Picking Pets Over People

September 13, 2016  

Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners, car owners or parents than their predecessors, but they do lead in one category: Pets. Three-fourths of Americans in their 30s have dogs, while 51 percent have cats, according to a survey released by research firm Mintel. That …

How Millennials Can Find Fulfillment By Pursuing A ‘6-11’

September 12, 2016  

If you’re a millennial, and you’ve struggled since college to find meaning and fulfillment in your 9-5 job, it might be time to pursue a 6-11. A 6-11 isn’t a replacement for your more traditional 9-5 role. Think of it as a side gig or side hustle. It’s a complement to …

Millennials Expected to Hasten Switch Away from Annual Job Reviews

February 22, 2016  

Business experts have been predicting the death of the annual performance review for year and many companies in the United States have already dropped it but the numbers are expected to soar with the growing influence of millennials in the workforce. About 12 percent of U.S. …

Here’s What Millennials Want from Their Performance Reviews

November 3, 2015  

This year, millennials passed generation X as the largest share of the American workforce, with 18- to 34-year-olds accounting for roughly a third of all employees. That demographic of young workers is forcing companies to reevaluate their accustomed ways of doing business. A …