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June 2011

USA Today Snapshot on Wakefield’s Research for HealthCastle.com

June 21, 2011  

Another Wakefield stat was featured in the Life section of USA Today on Tuesday! Just in time for swimsuit season, Wakefield surveyed 1,064 women to reveal that, on average, American women have tried six diets in their lifetime. The snapshot shows that 50% of women have trie …

NYT Interviews Wakefield Research Director of Quant

June 8, 2011  

Within 30 minutes of the Senate’s final vote on Wednesday, New York Times reporter Ann Carrns contacted Wakefield Research’s Paul Bragan for an interview regarding public opinion on the debit-card debate. Wakefield Research’s Director of Quantitative Research P …

PR Polling: Monistat in USA Today

June 8, 2011  

The Life Section of USA Today featured a Monistat survey conducted by Wakefield Research revealing the health issues that are of most concern to women. By expanding the focus of its campaign for women’s health beyond gynecological issues, Monistat was able to gain wider br …

Mashable Cites Wakefield Research CourseSmart Study

June 2, 2011  

E-Texts In, Hardcopies Out When was the last time you checked your cell phone for missed calls, text messages or emails? Our guess is that it wasn’t too long ago.  Mashable recently cited a Wakefield Research study for CourseSmart which found that 38 percent of college st …

Going Beyond “No Duh”

June 1, 2011  

A recent LA Times article highlights how studies often use complex methodologies to reveal “no-duh” findings.  For example, it took an alarming number of studies before people believed that smoking was bad for them.  (Are you listening, Don Draper?) Validation can also …