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Please, No More Trust Falls!

August 24, 2012  

Who knew those awkward team-building exercises in high school would continue to haunt us in the workplace? From “icebreakers” to “trust” exercises, offices are still using games and activities to build employee morale, but one thing is clear: a lot of us loathe them. …

Wakefield Survey Secures Top-Tier Media Hits

July 18, 2012  

A Wakefield Research PR survey continues to snag headlines! Today, the survey was featured on TIME.com, revealing the hidden tendencies of those who have worked remotely.  The survey, conducted on behalf of Citrix and Edelman PR, has also been featured on CNN, The Wash …

Wakefield Survey Lands CNN Segment

July 2, 2012  

Wakefield Research is taking over the airwaves! Just this morning, one of our PR surveys was featured on CNN Newsroom today. The Wakefield Research survey conducted on behalf of Citrix and Edelman PR delved into the dirty little secret that employees don’t wa …

Home Office Shenanigans

June 28, 2012  

Yet another(!) Wakefield Research PR survey has made a splash in the media headlines this week. The Wakefield survey commissioned by Citrix and Edelman PR, revealed astonishing data on home office shenanigans. Let’s be honest, we all fantasize at some point about working fr …

Survey Reveals Consumer Perceptions of Fraud

February 21, 2012  

Wakefield PR surveys continue to catch the attention of Snapshot editors at USA Today! Highlighted in today's newspaper, a Wakefield Research survey for Accertify asked whether or not it is fraudulent to use multiple e-mails to receive more promotional deals.

A Different Reason to Stay in School?

May 10, 2010  

Maybe Van Wilder had the right idea when he chose to stay in college for the better part of a decade.  Things don’t appear to be much better out here.  Regardless of your political stance or who you voted for, the research tells a consistent and dramatic story. According …

Small Business or Uncle Sam?

May 7, 2010  

It’s not quite David vs. Goliath but, nevertheless, we find ourselves revisiting this age old clash once again. As the economy scratches and claws its way back, more than 70% of Americans think that small businesses are more likely to turn around the economy than the fe …

Using Surveys to Get Media Coverage

November 19, 2009  

The director of our PR Polling Division, Nathan Richter, was recently interviewed for an article on how to use surveys to drive media coverage.  We’ve reposted the article below. And, if you happen to be flying Midwest Airlines this January, you can read more about P …

Wakefield Snapshot: Customer Service Worsens In Recession

August 26, 2009  

Quality customer service is crucial in a tough economy. Yet, Wakefield consumer opinion data reveals that nearly half of American adults (43%) feel that customer service has actually gotten worse during this economic downturn. Amazingly, at a time when quality customer servic …

Poll: What Have You Done While On Hold?

July 21, 2009  

Has waiting on hold for customer service ever made you want to hit yourself in the head with a sack full of doorknobs? Me too — there’s nothing more frustrating than a long wait time while trying to resolve a problem. Just how long have Americans waited to have th …