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Wakefield Interviews: Millennial Survey Featured on FOX & New York Post

September 16, 2013  

Wakefield has had a busy September so far! Our own Nathan Richter has been interviewed by the New York Post and FOX 5 New York. The broadcast segment and print article focus on the survey results of Americans’ experiences with uncomfortable social experiences. The Crocs …

Hot Book Series Trends: Who Cares?

August 2, 2012  

Mega-hit book series like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter have captivated American readers with their riveting plots, unique characters, and fantastic worlds. And for book lovers who missed out, there are some feelings of regret between the pages. For American readers, not …

An Aging Boom

June 9, 2010  

According to his 1997 book, The Big Five-Oh, Bill Geist claims that one member of the Baby Boomer generation turns 50 every seven seconds.  In 2010, 4 million Boomers, or one every 8.5 seconds, will reach this milestone, making one thing abundantly clear:  this generation, …

Poll Results: The Best Consumer Tech of the Past Decade

January 7, 2010  

Welcome to CES 2010!  Wakefield will be positing daily from CES this week. As this year’s CES introduces a new decade, we thought it best for our initial CES post to reflect first on the top tech innovations of the past.  Therefore, in a nationally representative surv …

Volunteerism: Still Robust

October 8, 2009  

Ever since Harvard professor Robert Putnam wrote the book Bowling Alone, there has been much debate and angst over the perceived lack of “social capital” in America. That term is shorthand for volunteerism and involvement. Putnam pointed to declining membership in …