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Market Research: A Family Affair

April 28, 2017  

The Wakefield Research team is passionate about market research, but there’s nothing more important than family. This week, Wakefield celebrated the annual Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day with a few special market researchers-in-training. We look forward to this day …

Back-to-School is Back in the News

July 21, 2016  

Back-to-school media coverage is right around the corner – and omnibus and custom survey data is a great way to tap into that upcoming conversation. Consider Wakefield Research’s PR survey for Sylvan. The survey found that 42 percent of parents of children ages 5-12 feel …

Father Knows Best: Wakefield Research on The TODAY Show

September 21, 2010  

When NBC’s TODAY Show took to the streets of New York City to quiz Americans about Father’s Day trivia, statistics collected on behalf of Western Union were on full display. NBC’s use of Western Union’s data illustrates how powerful survey statistics can be …

Wakefield Surveys Secure Back-to-Back Snapshots

June 16, 2010  

Wakefield Research dominated USA Today’s Snapshots this week.  Wakefield PR surveys drove Snapshot coverage for Barefoot Wine, Surfrider Foundation, and Western Union. This is no accident. Our Editorial Panel combines former journalists and PR execs with public opinion …

Father’s Day Survey Says Show Dad the Money

June 15, 2010  

Remember last year when dad’s face lit up as you bestowed upon him the most prodigious wrench set ever assembled? How well do you know his poker face? At the risk of being the bearer of bad news, nearly half (46%) of dads admit pretending to like a gift at some point.  …

Poll: Dads Not As Tough As They Used to Be

June 19, 2009  

Back in the old days, Dads were more likely to say “I love you” with a firm handshake than a hug. Times have changed: the American dad is getting soft. A new Wakefield PR survey conducted for family-favorite Lever 2000 found that more than four in five dads (84%) …

Dad Day Poll: Kid of the Castle Vanquishes King

June 18, 2009  

Flipping through a photo album recently, I was shocked to find that my dad used to be one dapper dresser. Of course, that was before kids came into the picture. It turns out that he’s not alone. A recent Wakefield poll on behalf of Kijiji found that nearly four in five …