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Today’s Lesson: Stats and the Smell Taste

September 2, 2009  

Even when a statistic delivers good news, it can rapidly become “bad news” if that stat is seen as distorting or obscuring reality. Such is the case for New York City’s public schools. As today’s N.Y. Times reports: A whopping 97 percent of New York el …

Wakefield on NPR: The Numbers on School Wellness Policies

August 25, 2009  

A lot of requests have come in for the stats that Nathan Richter shared during his interview on NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show out of Washington, DC. We’ve posted them below for your convenience. Wakefield polling data indicates that school wellness policies either are n …

Poll: Wi-Fi Beats Beer on Campus

July 20, 2009  

Parents – or anyone under 35 – might think of Wi-Fi on college campuses as a luxury – like clean laundry and food that has nutritional value. Yet for today’s undergrads, it’s essential to their college experience. A Wakefield poll for the Wi-Fi A …