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gen y and millennials

Kids Dream Big in The Game of Life

May 11, 2015  

Have you ever played Life – Hasbro’s infamous board game – and drawn the “Lawyer” Career Card – again? Did it leave you dreaming of something edgier – like a life behind the wheel, or even under cover? Well, you (and your kids) are in luck. The Hasbro toy compan …

Wakefield Survey Reveals Top 3 Ways to Minimize Student Loan Debt

August 1, 2014  

College is expensive – there’s no question about that. The fear of student loan debt has even driven some students to forgo college altogether. But, according to USA TODAY, the investment is still worth it: college graduates continue to earn far more over a lifetime than …

Richter Presents New Millennial Research to Pet Industry Leaders

May 9, 2014  

Nathan Richter, Wakefield Research partner, presented at the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) annual conference on April 23rd. PIJAC’s Top2Top Conference brings together C-level executives from the pet retail and product industries, including brands such as Petco …

Pet Industry Shifts Attention to Millennial Pet Owner

February 7, 2014  

Wakefield’s Nathan Richter is featured in the February issue of Pet Business magazine. The cover story, “What Tomorrow Brings” delves into challenges that the pet industry will face in the coming years, including the Millennial generation’s foray into …

Wakefield Interviews: Millennial Survey Featured on FOX & New York Post

September 16, 2013  

Wakefield has had a busy September so far! Our own Nathan Richter has been interviewed by the New York Post and FOX 5 New York. The broadcast segment and print article focus on the survey results of Americans’ experiences with uncomfortable social experiences. The Crocs …

Client Shout Out: Video Helps PR Survey Stand Out

June 10, 2013  

We’re giving another shout out to agencies and brands that go the extra mile to make their PR survey and pitch stand out! This week, props go to Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE). BHGRE created a video to showcase the survey results of millennials’ at …

Real Estate: Gen X & Gen Y Embrace DIY

April 24, 2013  

Quick! What key words might you use to describe Gen X and Gen Y? Odds are, lazy, entitled, and coddled, came to mind. Well, then you’d be surprised to learn that when it comes to homeownership and home repairs, young Americans (ages 18-35) aren’t as lazy, entitled …