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Market Research: A Family Affair

April 28, 2017  

The Wakefield Research team is passionate about market research, but there’s nothing more important than family. This week, Wakefield celebrated the annual Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day with a few special market researchers-in-training. We look forward to this day …

Back-to-School is Back in the News

July 21, 2016  

Back-to-school media coverage is right around the corner – and omnibus and custom survey data is a great way to tap into that upcoming conversation. Consider Wakefield Research’s PR survey for Sylvan. The survey found that 42 percent of parents of children ages 5-12 feel …

Kids Dream Big in The Game of Life

May 11, 2015  

Have you ever played Life – Hasbro’s infamous board game – and drawn the “Lawyer” Career Card – again? Did it leave you dreaming of something edgier – like a life behind the wheel, or even under cover? Well, you (and your kids) are in luck. The Hasbro toy compan …

Tackle the Technology Take-Over

February 27, 2013  

With tech companies constantly churning out new products, it sometimes feels as if our lives are becoming digitized faster than we can keep up.  A recent survey by Wakefield Research reveals that almost 79% of people believe that children in 2025 will never see some of the m …

Wakefield Holiday Stats Snag Snapshots (Twice!)

December 15, 2011  

We must be on the Nice List because there are Wakefield holiday stats splashed across the pages of USA Today this week! It's only mid-week and Wakefield PR clients have been featured in two, I repeat, two, USA Today Snapshots.

Survey: Parents Telling Kids that Santa Isn’t Real

December 21, 2010  

What do you do when your kids ask you whether or not Santa Claus is real? A recent poll by Wakefield Research finds that some parents are blowing Santa’s cover.  When asked, 1 in 5 (20%) parents confess to their children that Santa isn’t real, while 15% claim they don’ …

Are You Living in a Modern Family?

October 21, 2010  

There has been no shortage of high-profile media coverage for ABC’s Modern Family.  From multiple Emmy awards, to a recent cover of Entertainment Weekly, the show is comedic gold for Americans across the country. As avid pop culture junkies with the ability to poll the …

A Different Reason to Stay in School?

May 10, 2010  

Maybe Van Wilder had the right idea when he chose to stay in college for the better part of a decade.  Things don’t appear to be much better out here.  Regardless of your political stance or who you voted for, the research tells a consistent and dramatic story. According …

Opt-Out Moms Aren’t the Norm

October 9, 2009  

Over the past couple of decades, amid the references to “soccer moms,” an image emerged of many successful, professional white women choosing to leave the workplace and raise kids as a stay-at-home mother. Their decision to leave a successful job helped coin the t …

Kids Poll: Hoops More Likely Than Honor Roll

September 29, 2009  

Have you wept for the future yet today? No? Then read this: AMERICAN KIDS THINK THEY’RE MORE LIKELY TO BECOME FAMOUS THAN TO USE MATH AS ADULTS. A study that Wakefield conducted on behalf of Nintendo’s Personal Trainer: Math found that more than one in five (21%) …