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The H1N1 Vaccine: Who Receives Priority?

September 22, 2009  

The federal government has issued these guidelines for who should be “first in line” to receive vaccinations for H1N1 influenza, also known as swine flu. But a George Mason University researcher is questioning the priority status that has been given to certain dem …

Reading, ‘Riting and Recession

September 21, 2009  

Children are back in school and feeling care-free, leaving their parents to stress over the tough decisions they face coping with a job loss or other effects of this recession. If only that image were true. Actually, the kids who re-entered k-12 schools in August and early Se …

Brandweek Article on “Stealth Health” Food Trend

August 31, 2009  

As a recent Wakefield survey pointed out, getting kids to eat healthfully can be a challenge. The Wakefield survey on behalf of Pepperidge Farm found that Seventy-three percent of respondents said their child had gone an entire day without eating a single vegetable. Almost o …

Wakefield on NPR: The Numbers on School Wellness Policies

August 25, 2009  

A lot of requests have come in for the stats that Nathan Richter shared during his interview on NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show out of Washington, DC. We’ve posted them below for your convenience. Wakefield polling data indicates that school wellness policies either are n …

Poll: Dads Not As Tough As They Used to Be

June 19, 2009  

Back in the old days, Dads were more likely to say “I love you” with a firm handshake than a hug. Times have changed: the American dad is getting soft. A new Wakefield PR survey conducted for family-favorite Lever 2000 found that more than four in five dads (84%) …

Dad Day Poll: Kid of the Castle Vanquishes King

June 18, 2009  

Flipping through a photo album recently, I was shocked to find that my dad used to be one dapper dresser. Of course, that was before kids came into the picture. It turns out that he’s not alone. A recent Wakefield poll on behalf of Kijiji found that nearly four in five …