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The Secret to Summer Romance

July 31, 2012  

Dream of having at least one summer-heat fling in your lifetime? A new study by Wakefield Research could help you put some romantic sizzle into your summer. First, pack your bags. According to the survey, 39% of men and women feel meeting someone while on vacation is the most …

Toasting (With Beer) to a Great Year of Stats

December 3, 2010  

How do you toast to a new year? According to a recent study by Wakefield Research for Samuel Adams, 60% of American men would rather toast with beer than champagne.  The beloved American beer brand recently teamed up with Weihenstephen Brewery to create Infinium, a new breed …

The Gender Gap of Health Insurance

November 18, 2009  

In many ways, women in America are more independent today than they’ve ever been before.  New data, however, is showing that in many areas, women still aren’t as independent as they might wish they were. As Congress continues to debate health care reform, here ar …

A Marriage Miscellany

November 9, 2009  

The Pew Research Center recently released a national report on marriage, which included this nifty map of the 50 states.  Just roll your cursor over any state, and you’ll instantly see a snapshot of key statistics.  The stats include the percentage of couples who are …

Too Timid for Touchdowns?

September 28, 2009  

Like most professional sports, football is a game that produces a plethora of statistics.  For example, there is a quarterback’s passer rating, as well as this stat that tracks how many yards every receiver gains after catching a pass. However, the National Football Le …

A Brief Recession

August 31, 2009  

Back in the 1990s, the hard-rockin’ band Bane released an album called It All Comes Down to This. But there wasn’t a single track on that album about men’s underwear. Maybe band members just hadn’t heard. This article in Monday’s Washington Post …

USA Today Snapshot – Devastating Divorces

August 17, 2009  

<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">What can the Palins, the Gosselins, and the Hogans learn from Tracy Morgan?</span> The value of a negotiated divorce settlement. The Morgans recently reached an out-of-court settlement, sparing them the expense and pain of a hard-fought div …