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Amazon: Facing Challenges on All Fronts

October 21, 2009  

The news cycle is filled with evidence that the book-publishing and book-selling sector is rapidly changing in ways that could pose a stiff challenge to one of the major e-retailers. Wal-Mart’s price war over best-sellers isn’t the only development that Amazon.com …

Survival of the Fittest Flack

October 20, 2009  

This week, the Gray Lady announced that she will eliminate 100 newsroom jobs by year’s end. Cuts and closings are old hat by now – but have you considered how much more challenging the media environment has become for PR professionals in recent years?  If your ap …

Volunteerism: Still Robust

October 8, 2009  

Ever since Harvard professor Robert Putnam wrote the book Bowling Alone, there has been much debate and angst over the perceived lack of “social capital” in America. That term is shorthand for volunteerism and involvement. Putnam pointed to declining membership in …

A Life in Numbers

September 8, 2009  

The musical Rent reminded us that a year breaks down into 525,600 minutes. (It’s longer in a leap year.) Now a researcher at Microsoft is trying to convert his life into numbers. According to this article from Wired magazine, Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell “has …

Newscycle Round-Up

August 6, 2009  

I love the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. In addition to being a positive force for responsible journalism, it also can be a handy tool to help publicists “keep it real.” Here’s a look at the top news stories: #1 Healthcare …

Guess Who’s Napping?

July 29, 2009  

A lot of us. According to the N.Y. Times, a new survey reveals that one in three adults admit that they take a nap on the average day. Not surprisingly, napping was more common for those who had experienced trouble sleeping the night before. And nappers tend to be poorer, old …

“Joltin’ Joe Has Left and Gone Away . . .”

July 6, 2009  

“Hey, Hey, Hey . . .” Sixty-eight years ago this summer, baseball player Joe DiMaggio was well on his way to achieving one of the most celebrated streaks in sports history. Joltin’ Joe would eventually get at least one hit in 56 consecutive baseball games. I …

Same Stats, Different Conclusions

June 22, 2009  

It’s always interesting when two smart people look at the same set of stats and draw very different conclusions. At his blog Creative Class, best-selling author Richard Florida writes about the issue of globalization and concerns about the out-sourcing of U.S. jobs: . …