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Glowing Skin, Glowing Results

February 16, 2011  

Beauty may only be skin deep, but great PR stats can go much deeper. This month’s issue of Self magazine highlighted two catchy stats from a Wakefield Research survey for Glowelle, a Nestle skincare company. By tapping into women’s personal beauty routines and insecuritie …

Survey Shows Social Media Plays Major Role in Modern Weddings

January 18, 2011  

David’s Bridal recently released their fifth-annual “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey. The results of the study, conducted by Wakefield Research, shows the exceptional role that social media plays on a bride’s “big day”.  Nearly half (48%) of brides update the …

Roses Still Rule on Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2010  

A recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research for 1-800-Flowers provides a helpful hint for those flustered by Valentine’s Day flowers. It’s tempting to want to shake it up on V-Day and break out of the conventional gift options.  However, most ladies still prefer …

The Gender Gap of Health Insurance

November 18, 2009  

In many ways, women in America are more independent today than they’ve ever been before.  New data, however, is showing that in many areas, women still aren’t as independent as they might wish they were. As Congress continues to debate health care reform, here ar …

A Marriage Miscellany

November 9, 2009  

The Pew Research Center recently released a national report on marriage, which included this nifty map of the 50 states.  Just roll your cursor over any state, and you’ll instantly see a snapshot of key statistics.  The stats include the percentage of couples who are …

Opt-Out Moms Aren’t the Norm

October 9, 2009  

Over the past couple of decades, amid the references to “soccer moms,” an image emerged of many successful, professional white women choosing to leave the workplace and raise kids as a stay-at-home mother. Their decision to leave a successful job helped coin the t …

Survey: The Naked Truth About Grooming

July 23, 2009  

Wakefield recently conducted a survey on behalf of Bliss-Philips on the subject of bikini-line shaving.  It found that 80 percent of women have tried it at least once. It turns out that bikini-line grooming is one of the most widely practiced beauty routines in America. Who …