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Editorial Panel

More than any other research company, Wakefield Research understands PR, the media, and how to use research to build a bridge between the media and your brand. Our Editorial Panel of former and current journalists have written for print, online and broadcast outlets, including The New York Times, Better Homes & Gardens, Slate, The Los Angeles Times, GigaOM, Woman’s Day, Fox News, More, Entrepreneur, ELLE, Prevention, Parents, Real Simple and CNBC. In addition to current and former journalists, our Editorial Panel is made up of classically-trained senior market research specialists and PR executives. Together, we are leading experts in using research to help build newsworthy stories for brands.

The Editorial Panel will provide you recommendations for how to utilize a PR survey to create a bridge between the media and your brand. When you work with us, this group develops a survey concept aligned with your program, and designs it specifically for your target media. We know firsthand what it takes to produce compelling stories that the media will cover.

Bringing a Story to Life

The Editorial Panel’s job is to ensure that your survey data becomes a story. We write the questionnaire for you and develop a Pitch Guide showing you the best way to talk about the study with the media—complete with headlines, pitch angles, and full-color charts and graphs.

We are the best in the industry at crafting questionnaires that have the proper mix of creative and compelling questions. Just like a newsworthy pitch, the most compelling surveys are those that organically connect your brand to the news. In some cases, this means bridging through current events, or to calendar events. In other situations, it involves identifying lifestyle trends and leveraging those angles.

It is not enough simply to have quirky or creative survey questions. While these types of tactics can make for great newshooks, they must be combined with more substantial data-points in order to garner the message-rich media impressions that brands expect. The proper combination of these different question types is often what makes difference between a quick brand mention and a feature story.