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How We Work

Wakefield Research is a market research consultancy specializing in strategic and tactical research for corporations and organizations throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We combine best-in-class research practices with expertise in a wide range of industry verticals. Our objective: to help you better understand your consumers, make critical decisions, develop compelling messaging and earn media coverage for your brands.

Our staff – drawn from the worlds of research, marketing and media – serve as trusted advisors to heads of industry and marketing professionals. They inform the marketing and positioning of some of the most prominent brands in the marketplace. The Wakefield Research team has the classical training of career researchers, but we have also worked for public relations firms, marketing and ad agencies, political communications companies, and non-profit organizations. These experiences give us a uniquely valuable background.

We believe that research should tell you something you don’t already know. And it should give you more than just a lot of numbers and charts. Research should give you clear direction – not endless “maybes” – so you can strengthen your brand, secure media coverage and educate your consumers or members. Unless research achieves these kinds of goals, it isn’t helping your bottom line. This vision guides us during every project.

We are constantly finding new ways to make research more interesting, more useful and even more fun for our clients. We work hard to honor their trust when they ask us to help grow their business, strengthen their brand or educate their consumers or members.