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We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, but more importantly, on our drive to do things better than anyone else. We are constantly urging one another to exceed expectations at every stage of a project.

As research and marketing professionals, honesty and integrity serve every interest – they enhance the quality of our work and are the foundation of lasting relationships. At Wakefield, we live these values as individuals, and as a company. It’s the right way to think – for ourselves, our clients and our communities.

Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies

The Wakefield team is comprised of driven individuals who expect the best from themselves and from those with whom they work. While our work is important, we also strive to lead full lives outside of the office. Through a series of educational workshops and recreational retreats, we incentivize our team members to improve themselves and their communities through charitable work and donations.

Reducing Wakefield Research’s Footprint

Since the launch of the company-wide green initiative in 2008, we have strived to apply environmentally-conscious thinking to our business practices, and to encourage our team members to do the same in their personal lives. Since the introduction of the program, we have:

  • Significantly reduced paper consumption by nearly 50%
  • Reduced estimated air travel hours by 25%, primarily by emphasizing teleconferencing whenever possible
  • Cut electricity usage
  • Encouraged nearly 15% of our staff to commute via public transportation, on foot, and by bicycle