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Wakefield Research (is) not only a vendor for consumer research, but also a strategic partner.

I have worked with Wakefield over the past few years on multiple projects and have always found their work to be truly insightful.

This is a compliment that I rarely bestow upon an agency, as I find most are unable to appreciate the unique differences between researching consumer packaged goods products vs. durable products. Wakefield understands these unique differences and has tailored their research techniques to solve for them.

My first experience with Wakefield was one of the most important research projects we have done while I have been at Electrolux. We were in the middle of product development of a key new product that had never been to research. As in many organizations, this product did not spur from consumer insight. No matter the amount of data I could share to point to the fact that the positioning of this product was not compelling for consumers, Wakefield’s research was indisputable. Their dial technology, instant feedback, combined with the qualitative exploration, clearly identified that not only was the positioning wrong but so was the product! We stopped the project immediately and went back to the drawing board.

We have used Wakefield for many different types of projects ever since. They are an honest partner and truly want our product and our company to be successful. In one of our most recent communications studies, it was obvious from the research that our product combined with its positioning did not stand out. This product was meant to propel us into a new category but instead we were bland. This was hard for us to listen to but again, when you watch the reactions and can ask your questions in real time, there are no what ifs. We took the data to heart and came back to launch this product with positioning that did make this product unique and won us an exclusive launch with one of the largest retailers in the country.

I am always excited to introduce Wakefield to new clients and recommend their outstanding work…Their company and their people are outstanding to work with. Every business could benefit from their insight.

While we do a lot of work with Wakefield, I also use them as a thought partner. When I have a colleague and I don’t know a solution, the team at Wakefield is always there to help brainstorm and give their strategic advice. Whether or not we move forward with them as a resource out of those discussions is not their concern. They value our relationship as we do theirs. They also proactively look at our business and the questions we struggle with. They offer suggestions, identify recurring themes and give us guidance on possible solutions. That is why they are not just a vendor but a partner of ours.

Marketing Director, Electrolux