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Product Design

Great product and packaging design allows products to speak for themselves – without ever saying a word.

Wakefield Research’s portfolio of hybrid research methodologies was created specifically for understanding product and packaging design.

In most cases, quantitative metrics are gathered through in-person reactions. That data is then blended with in-depth, nuanced qualitative feedback – which participants provide alongside their quantitative feedback.

Why are our product design surveys and packaging research methods used by the world’s most prominent brands?

  1. Our methods are proven to get results. Time and again, design insights stemming from our research improves global preference among target consumers and expansion audiences.
  2. Our design research speaks to both hearts and heads. Wakefield’s design research tools measure the impact of a product or packaging design along two spectra: the emotional impact and the functional impact.
  3. Wakefield’s methods are optimized to include key stakeholders. Engineers, designers, and marketers all play key roles in the research, ensuring that design feedback is practical and actionable.
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