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Qualitative Research

Wakefield – a leading qualitative research company – conducts qualitative research throughout the world. Wakefield has unique tools in our qualitative research “toolbox” from proprietary hybrid techniques to traditional approaches. Whether it’s conducting enhanced qualitative market research sessions with live-response feedback dials, traditional focus groups, in-person interviews or a handful of other methods, Wakefield Research takes a custom approach to every project.

Enhanced Qualitative Sessions

Wakefield’s enhanced qualitative sessions use proprietary technology to defeat groupthink. Wakefield conducts enhanced qualitative sessions to control for groupthink dynamics that typically arise during traditional discussions. Our technology collects opinions that serve as the basis for follow-up discussions. It allows us to uncover why an attitude or impression is prevailing, and to direct discussion accordingly. This approach is the ideal qualitative method for discussing and exploring brand perceptions or product reactions.

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Focus Groups

We have recruited and moderated focus groups in more than 20 countries. Whether you’re interested in examining attitudes among teens or seniors, video gamers or business travelers, Wakefield Research focus groups offer a valuable way to explore attitudes among your brand or organization’s key audiences.

In-Depth Interviews

Our team uses in-depth interviews (IDIs) to understand the underlying emotional drivers that influence decision making. We tailor the interview settings – one-on-one, as well as groups of two or three respondents – to suit your research objectives. IDIs are an effective way to conduct thorough interviews that explore what drives consumers or constituents to prefer one option over another.

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What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research uses focus groups and in-depth interviews to gather descriptive information about consumers’ thoughts, feelings, opinions and perceptions about a brand and their products and services. As one of the nation’s leading qualitative research companies, Wakefield is dedicated to providing top-notch qualitative and actionable market research insights for our clients.