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Omnibus Surveys

We’ve Got You Covered (By the Media)

Wakefield Research is the country’s leading market research firm specializing in PR polling. Our approach to PR polling lets you reach top-tier media through easy and affordable omnibus surveys. Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients:

  1. We write the questionnaire for you. By relying on our knowledge of public opinion, we write the questions most likely to return newsworthy results. This means that you don’t waste omnibus survey questions on concepts unlikely to return useful data. We combine this with our knowledge of the media landscape to make sure that your data isn’t just interesting, but also newsworthy.
  2. We write a Pitch Guide of results. The Pitch Guide shows you how to turn your survey data into a story customized for your target media. It’s written by our Editorial Panel of journalists and PR pros, and includes headlines, pitch angles and “snapshot-style” charts and graphs. This is part of what makes us the best in the industry at using omnibus PR surveys to drive news coverage.
  3. We support you for the life of the data. We’ll proof press materials for data accuracy, answer questions from the media, and do what we can to make sure that you only need to focus on what matters: getting media coverage.
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No Minimum, No Problem

We’re one of the only firms that doesn’t have a question minimum for our online and telephone omnibus surveys. Whether you field one question or one hundred, you get all of Wakefield Research’s PR survey services.

Credibility is Key

Our omnibus studies are “nationally representative,” meaning we ensure all key demographics like age, gender, region, income, and ethnicity naturally mirror the U.S. adult population. This is what makes the results credible – an important consideration when pitching media.

Timing is Everything

Unlike most market research firms, our telephone and online omnibus surveys are in the field every day of the week, meaning that your questions can be fielded as soon as they are approved – we’re ready when you are. This can shave weeks off of a project schedule, giving you more time to work with the results.