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Citrix and its PR agency, Edelman, tasked Wakefield with developing a survey that would appeal to consumer media and its audience. Unfortunately, cloud computing can be a dense and not-so-consumer-friendly topic. How do you separate “the cloud” from industry jargon to make it consumer-friendly?

Instead of focusing on the nuts and bolts of cloud computing, Wakefield developed a questionnaire that delved into Americans’ misunderstandings of “the cloud.” By releasing a less B2B-focused survey, Citrix was able to, for the first time, connect the brand to “the cloud” for the wider consumer population – not just in B2B circles. Stats such as, “51% think inclement weather interferes with cloud computing,” resonated with some of the country’s top media outlets, including NBC News, CNET, Forbes, Mashable, Inc., Gizmodo, Slate, Bloomberg, GigaOm, and CBS Radio.

In just a matter of weeks, the study garnered 240 million news impressions, as well as nearly 2.5 million social media impressions. In addition, there were more than 9,000 Twitter conversations surrounding the study.

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