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The Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s membership is a “Who’s Who List” of companies involved in Wi-Fi technology and services. However, they were stymied by how to counter negative press about in-flight Wi-Fi services – a product that a Wall Street Journal article reinforced with an overly negative story. The headline: “In the Air, Wi-Fi Gets a Ho-Hum Reception.” By introducing new facts and insights from a Wakefield research study, we were able to help The Wi-Fi Alliance turn the tide and change the conversation.

The New York Times reported, “according to a study published this week by Wakefield Research for the Wi-Fi Alliance, about 75 percent of frequent business travelers surveyed said they’d choose an airline based on whether the flight has Wi-Fi or not. Half of respondents said they’d even consider moving their reservation by a day to get on a flight that offered Wi-Fi…”

Additionally, the Wi-Fi Alliance study was featured in Mashable, CBS News, Washington Post, NPR, Los Angeles Times and CNET among others.

Learn more at www.wi-fi.org.